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About Us

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STEPS Behavioral Health was founded in 2008. We focus on assisting families and individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities to achieve their goals. STEPS Behavioral Health uses ABA to guide and facilitate learning and behavioral interventions for individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Based on the psychology of the learning process, ABA is a method of therapy in which environmental triggers are identified and modified to improve or extinguish undesired behaviors of individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The focus of ABA is to systematically and effectively help individuals learn and apply new socially appropriate skills enhancing their daily lives.

Our philosophy is that each family is unique and as a result, we work to tailor support and advocacy towards each individual and/or family.

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Our Team


“The staff at STEPS Behavioral Health worked families in our school to ensure that not only did the children receive individualized therapy, but also the school and family were connected throughout the entire process.”

Senior Director of Early Childhood Education Center at JCC,

Carly Schwartz

“Although there is nothing better than experiencing a huge breakthrough with a client, STEPS opened my eyes to the “behind the scenes” of ABA therapy, working with our families and professional team makes everyday at work more meaningful to me!”

STEPS Behavior Technician,


“When I first started at STEPS, I was expecting to love all my clients, but more than that, I have been motivated by the families. Getting to know the parents and being able to give them hope has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my job.”



“As an SLP, it has been a great asset having STEPS as part of our multidisciplinary team to help incorporate behavioral strategies into therapy sessions. STEPS staff members are always available to The Therapy Spot, which allows us to provide more individual and comprehensive therapy to our patients.”

SLPs at The Therapy Spot,

Maggie and Jamie

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