Since we have started this blog, we have given many suggestions for how to handle certain behaviors, ways that other professions help, and other general information about the ABA field. Today, we are going to outline the process of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for anyone interested in the process! It’s a very worthwhile certification to get if you want to learn more about the field and how to help your child.

The first real step to getting your BCBA is to get your Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. There are many programs throughout the country that offer the required coursework. Many of these programs are online, so you can take your courses remotely and do clinical supervision hours where you live. This is ideal for people who are already working because you can do your classwork on your own time instead of bending your schedule to make it to a live class.

The required coursework comes with required clinical supervision/practicum hours in order to become certified. Another BCBA will supervise you on clinical experiences and other tasks a BCBA performs. These tasks include data collection, behavior plan development, and literature research. All aspects of supervision are crucial to your professional development and are required in order to sit for the BCBA exam. More information about the fieldwork requirements can be found here.

Today’s post was short and sweet, but it’s very important for anyone who wants to pursue the BCBA degree and certification. Do you want to learn more about the BCBA certification? The Behavior Analyst Certification Board website has more detailed information about the BCBA certification and about other possible certifications you can get. Thanks for reading!

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