Setting Your Child
on a Path to Success.

Quality Care

It takes a unified group of determined individuals to effectively influence behavior changes in children with autism.


During the evaluation process observations, which will happen in the natural environment, interviews, and data collections are all analyzed.


A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is the master plan formulated by the BCBA for altering the environment or consequences to achieve desired behaviors.


Each client’s specific interests and developmental abilities are carefully considered in the implementation of the plan.


Education is crucial. We educate families and schools enlightening them to the general struggles and specific needs of each client.


STEPS ABA Services will help you through the school system’s Process and make sure that you understand your rights.

WHY ABA Therapy?

Every aspect of the ABA plan can be customized:

  • Goals which are based on ability/family input
  • Venue used to reach the goals which is based on interest
  • Rewards used to reinforce the positive which is based on preference

ABA has been proven to improve so many basic aspects of daily living. These are but a few areas which can be targeted in therapy:

Tantrums, Repetitive behaviors, Eating habits, Disorganization, Communication, Social etiquette, Self control, Independence, Flexibility and Memory

Since the 1970’s ABA therapy is the scientifically proven leading intervention for individuals suffering from ASD. It is the only modality recommended by the surgeon general, and it’s considered the gold standard because it works.

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