Hello everyone! We are here wrapping up Autism Awareness Month with a little intervention strategy you can use at home with your youngsters! We decided to scale back the blog posts to monthly, so here we are again in April. Let’s get down to it!

Social stories are stories that can be used to give some information to your child with autism. They can be used as a precursor to help prevent a behavior in certain scenarios. For example, a parent can use a social story to talk about going to the grocery store. This would help your child know how to behave in the grocery store. You could talk about the how you would stay with mom and dad in the store.

Using social stories would help phrase the information in a way that your child would understand and enjoy hearing. Most children, autism or not, love listening to and reading stories. Using stories would be effective because your child would want to listen to them.

If you want more information about social stories and how to write them, take a look at Carol Gray’s website. She is a key person in the development of social stories and has worked with the use of social stories for years! Take a look at her website for some examples and guidance on writing them.

We will be back next month with more blogging! Thank you everyone for the support throughout the time we’ve written these blog posts, and we will see you soon!

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