Treatment Plan – this is where we create a plan for teaching new skills that will help our clients learn the necessary skills to be more independent. They fall into the areas of communication, pre academic skills, life and social skills as well as parent and family training goals.

A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is the master plan formulated by the BCBA for altering the environment or consequences to achieve desired behaviors. An experienced and highly qualified BCBA individualizes a plan for each client, recommending realistic, attainable, measurable goals, as well as strategies to reach those goals. As the plan is developed it will be decided whether the client will benefit from a 1:1 setting, a group setting, or a combination of the two. Social skills are often taught with a group of peers, however, if the client needs preliminary skills before joining a group, one on one instruction is offered. All decisions made are data-driven with the intention to facilitate maximum positive behavior changes.

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