Navigating the world of special needs is at best daunting and at times very overwhelming. STEPS ABA Services will help you through the school system’s process and make sure that you understand your rights.

  • Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) is a service plan which focuses on the child, the family and the services that a family needs to help enhance the development of the disabled child up until age 3. STEPS ABA Services works with families to determine a child’s needs and with the school system to ensure the receipt of the most beneficial and appropriate services.
  • Individual Education Program (IEP) is an educational plan which focuses on the educational needs of the child from age 3 to 21. STEPS ABA Services will observe your child at school, review all documentation and personally meet with the educational team overseeing that the plan fits the individual needs of your child.
  • Transition services are educational services provided aimed at smoothing the transition young adults make into the adult world. STEPS ABA Services will work with your school and your young adult to determine needs strengths skill level and interests. Additionally, STEPS ABA Services will help you determine and advocate for your child to find the best place for supported employment and adult services.

Every parent should be confident and knowledgeable so that they can be a strong advocate for their child.

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